Program open ateliers

Monday 10.00-12.30 hours Open studio

Teus Beekhuizen

Tenny Ruyter

Monday 13.30-16.00 hours Open studio Katja van de Valk Mirjam Jansen no
Monday 19.30-22.00 hours Open studio Margrita Prins no
Tuesday 10.00-12.30 hours Watercolor private group

Dorine Coutinho

Hanny Nieuwenhuis

Tuesday 10.00-12.30 hours except 1x per month if there are aquarelles
Open studio

Annelies Abbink

Maria Goossens black

Tuesday 19.30-22.00 hours, 1th 2015. the and 5de Tuesday of the month Model dressed Rienk Eggink € 5, - (model)
Tuesday 19.30-22.00 hours, 2de 4 alonede Tuesday of the month Model naked

Bas Derksen

€ 5, - (model)
Wednesday 10.00-12.30 hours Open studio

Jacqueline Sorel

Annelies Nederbragt

Friday 10.00-12.30 hours Open atelier, except days on which there is a course or workshop
Henk de Gruiter no
Friday 13.30-16.00 hours Open atelier Weekly, except on days on which there is a workshop or course Hannah Marks no
first Saturday of the month 10.00-12.30 hours odel short positions naked Albert Kniese € 5, - (model)
third Sunday of the month 10.00-14.00 hours, except in October: Saturday 20 October Open studio / graphic techniques Felix Timmermans € 3, - (material)
2de 4 alonede Saturday of the month 10.00-12.30 hours Model long stand (nude or dressed)

Nel Hordijk

Marianne van Erp

Arline van Raffe

€ 5, - (model)
2 the Sunday of the month 10.00 -12.30 hours Open studio graphic techniques (lino, monoprint and gelli-print) Thea van der Heyden (please register first) no costs


The International Art Club is an association that offers you the opportunity to develop in drawing, painting and graphic techniques.

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