Membership year

January to December
Older than 30 jr.
125 DKK
Younger than 30 jr.

Membership half year

July - December
Older than 30 jr.
Younger than 30 jr. With effect from the month in which the payment is received

Rates 2018

During all classes, workshops and courses, the studio is only accessible to all participants who have registered. Rates of the membership below are excluding a one-time registration fee of € 10 (this money does not apply to members under 30 years). It is possible for non-members to participate once in a course or a workshop. The course price is then double the price paid by members. If one decides to become a member during or after the workshop, then the member price applies retroactively.

Rates (real) pairs

Do you register together? Then we charge a cheaper rate for membership.

€ 93,75 per half year

A membership as a couple for half a year (July-December).

€ 187,50 per year

A membership as a couple of a year (January - December).

Other rates

Stork passholders

Are you a stork pass holder? Then you get 50% discount on your membership.

Courses and lessons

Most courses cost € 10, - per lesson of 2 1 / 2 hours


Membership gives access to all mutual activities:

Full access to open studio, excluding contribution of € 5 for the model; for members under the 30 this is € 3,50. It is not necessary to quit and cancel, but it is enjoyable.
Given by the members themselves.